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My name is Jan Prokop and I would like to explain to you the story of BrandElevator.

What does Brand Elevator mean?brandelevator_janprokop

A team of experienced specialists who hone their profession to perfection every day.

Currently a team of 6 consisting of PPC & SEO specialists, programmers and graphic designers.

Through the hundreds of campaigns we've built, we've discovered strategies that work.

We execute these strategies daily.

What can we do?

Our team deals with the development of small and medium-sized companies.

Whether you need to build a modern website or online campaigns, we are here.

No empty words and promises.

We bring real experience that we have verified at a wide range of different companies.

Additionaly, we often rely on theoretical knowledge from economically oriented schools and courses.

Because the trial/error strategy is bullshit.

We set realistic goals and do everything to increase the value of your company and your profit.

Is that not enough for you? Keep reading. 

What is the story behind this company? 

I have been actively creating and managing PPC campaigns since 2016. At the same time, I am focusing on UX and SEO - friendly content. The historical spend invested in online marketing is now already over CZK 60,000,000. Among other things, I have also completed the process, and PPC audits for small and large companies.

Education and Certificates

VŠE - BBA - Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Business Administration with a focus on financial management, marketing, and management

- BP on the topic "Digital collaboration tools and Operations management in AHProfi s.r.o."

VŠE - CEMS - Master's degree program in international management, minor in NextGen Consulting

Mistrovství Inbound Marketing - full-day training for online marketers under the auspices of VŠE

Google Skillshop - Thorough tests right from Google

Digisemestr - Prestigious semester study of digital marketing

Thanks to a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, we are proud of our high efficiency, reliability, and minimal error rate.
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Establishment of Brand Elevator

Brand Elevator is preceded by many booming and unsuccessful steps in eCommerce.

Beginnings in Ecommerce

I first met the e-shop administration in 2015, when I started creating captions and photos on the website AHProfi.CZ. At the time, I didn't know the concept of SEO at all, but I had skillful colleagues who taught me about their optimization world. When creating the labels, we also explained the importance of UX (user-friendliness of the website). We kept a detailed UX analysis from unnamed agencies that showed us where, how, and why our potential customers don't find what they're looking for. After the necessary adjustments, the sales of the e-shop grew at a brisk pace, so I decided to try to start a smaller e-shop on my own, and at that moment, we met Daklos.

On your own

In 2016, I joined the management of the e-shop DAKLOS.cz, where I developed the content of the e-shop for a minority share; I dug into categorization for more effortless movement of users on the web and much more. It was also the first time I launched my first PPC campaign in Google Ads and Sklik. I saw in AHProfi that PPCs play an integral part of the revenue source, but I still worked with the belief that SEO is the main thing, which ultimately paid off in both e-shops. Unfortunately, the Daklos e-shop grew much faster than we expected. In the fall of 2017, we managed an amateur-made solution with two people with a turnover of less than millions, which was really a lot of money for us, at the age of 20.

"So we didn't do very well" :-)

Once sales grew, the error rate associated with them, too. Campaigns suddenly were not effective! Just turning on a few thousand promotions doesn't mean we're a PPC guru all of a sudden, which we found out a few months later. Of course, this move cost us a lot of money and was caused by mere ignorance.
Subsequently, we came across many other error points - we stocked new products that we did not add to the e-shop in time, but some of us had months in stock, which meant that we had capital in it, which was then missing somewhere else. < / strong>

Suddenly, it simply fell into our hands. We lacked a process structure and a clear strategy because we didn't know how to sell. Fortunately, I commuted from Pilsen to Prague due to my demanding studies at the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics, Prague, where I studied business economics, management, and marketing.

Gaining experience and valuable knowledge

Over the next year, I successfully went through Operations Management, SME Marketing, Corporate Finance, and many other beneficial issues that opened my eyes, and I immediately saw where the mistakes occurred. Due to the complexity of the study and gaining workload in AHProfi, I finally decided to sell my share in the e-shop to the current executive and invest all the energy in the development of sales and processes in AHProfi . I didn't even have a choice because our former marketing manager left and someone had to take over his responsibilities. At that time, the AHProfi company had something around CZK 50,000,000 in sales every year.

"Here's your team and I want to see the increase"

I have to admit that the position of marketing manager in such a diverse e-shop (over 20,000 products) was not easy to take over, so I decided to use further education in the field of online marketing in courses DIGISEMESTR . This challenging semester showed me the power of brand building eshop, because the competitive advantage in the form of a discount of a few crowns no longer works in today's retail. Customers want something more, and we at AHProfi have started to build it very confidently. We started preparing brand campaigns that were suddenly seen by thousands of people.

I also gained experience in a Prague marketing agency, where I worked as a project manager / PPC specialist for a year. During this work, I gained a lot of experience, for which I am extremely grateful. I've helped businesses with marketing and web development across industries, giving me a unique decision-making ability to create a marketing strategy for any business .

Family company AHProfi now operates in other markets, mainly SK, SI, HU, but also RO and we are still moving on. The rightly chosen strategic decisions are evidenced not only by a slight fluctuation, but above all by an average year-on-year increase in sales of 35% over the last 2-3 years.

Who is behind the Brand Elevator?

As I mentioned above, I handle almost all consultations myself at the moment, but at the same time I have a lot of talented colleagues who are experienced specialists in the given service segment. The branching of know-how gives us the unique advantage that once we combine our experience and enthusiasm for the project, the results are worth it.

Due to the obvious growth of e-shops, which I over the years, I dare say that together with our team, we will help increase your company's profitability, as we have proven practices that can be applied to almost any product or service.

Our mission and vision

Mission - Why do we exist?
Our goal is to work with companies that want to focus on the development of their products rather than where and how they sell products.

Vision - Where are we going?
Become a long-term business partner of successful companies that can be proud of the term "LoveBrand".

Values ​​
Synergy. Transparency. Responsibility.

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