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Additional services not only for e-shops

Thanks to many years of experience, we know which other services belong to the growth of the e-shop. Of course, we can also assist in other important strategic decisions. Which ones? Let's arrange an initial consultation and see where we can create value for your business.

Email marketing

We also deal with the complete concept of sending newsletters / newsletters. We use a very reliable tool Smartemailing , where we sent out more than 200 emails.

Why send newsletters?

  • Reach your customer database and be reminded

  • You have the ability to offer promotional products, which increases sales at a very low cost

  • Let customers know you have new products in your product line

  • News - what's new at your company or store

  • Let people know you're writing a blog - articles can make selection easier and increase conversion rates

  • Recruit new colleagues via email

* Our practices are in line with GDPR


Analysis of competition in the local or foreign market

We also include a survey of competing services and products among our services. Without watching the competition, you will find it difficult to achieve the maximum efficiency of your company, and therefore we have proven techniques that can see the competition under the hood. We can clearly process the analysis to help you make decisions several years in advance, despite how fast the changing E-commerce environment is.

Optimization of product and product portfolio management

  • We'll help you choose products for your marketing campaigns

  • We increase the return on investment in product promotion through continuous optimization in Google Analytics, Mergad, Google Ads and your BI / ERP / accounting system

  • BCG matrices - we work with proven methods for product management

  • Mergado - thanks to this tool we are able to optimize your products on product comparators

  • We also analyze your warehousing processes to make sure you can handle the higher influx of customers

    • Principles of Toyota Production System and Lean Six Sigma

  • Smart tools for more effective e-shop communication

    • Trello / Asana / Toggl / Google Drive

  • Edit XML feeds for Alza, Mall and other marketplaces

    • Tired of constantly updating XML feeds? Does your partner require an API? We can help clients connect their e-shop solution with Mall, Alza, Amazon or directly with the accounting system.

Business Intelligence

This term is not so well known for smaller and e-shops. However, as a business or e-shop grows, managers can quickly lose the amount of data that different revenue sources and accounting systems generate, especially if you send products abroad.
And worse than drowning in Excel spreadsheets and accounting programs in the morning. As important data becomes available across different offline spreadsheets, the decision-making process slows down and errors occur. Once you start to observe these shortcomings, it is time to optimize the interpretation of the data. We think it's much better to have a spreadsheet that pulls the real-time data you have with one click. This allows you to see your entire business data . We will take care of obtaining all the necessary data from Analytics, your accounting system and possibly also from other sellers of your products. We will organize them clearly using SQL queries, which we will customize for you and create graphs that will be nicely clear and logical . We can also incorporate other data from your ERP system into clear tables, such as marketing costs or other variable costs.

Thank you read this far. We would like to offer you a free consultation. Use our contact form, we will contact you :)

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