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How to do ads on Instagram? Read our tips for beginners

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and is used by more than a billion people worldwide every month. It is not surprising that it has become a popular platform for marketing companies as well. We already wrote about posting on Instagram as a business in the article here. But let's take a look at how to promote your profile on Instagram.

Why promote on Instagram?

Appropriate content placed on Instagram can attract attention and thus turn social network users into your clients. Thanks to this, Instagram and e-commerce go hand in hand. Instagram advertising also allows you a wide range of settings, and unlike paid influencer partnerships, posts are published directly from your profile. Another advantage of advertising on Instagram is that you can target users without disrupting their browsing on this social network. Advertisements on Instagram are displayed directly in the feed between other posts, or between Instagram stories or Instagram reels.

How much does Instagram advertising cost?

Instagram has a set daily lower and upper limit for which you can promote. The daily minimum is CZK 30 and the maximum is CZK 10,000 per day. The duration of the promotion can be for 1 - 30 days. Another point is the price per click to the website or the price per interaction with the post (like, comment, etc.). Instagram charges CZK 2 - 50 per click on the website - it depends on the campaign settings. If your goal was only to get a reaction to the post, the price is lower.

Types of Instagram Ads:

  • Photo ads – ads in the form of photos or graphic banners are displayed in the feed among other posts and should be in a square format

Source: Instagram - Pepsi ad

  • Video ads – video ads on Instagram can be up to 60 seconds long and in square or portrait format
  • Carousel ads - can contain 2-10 images, photos or videos that the user can view in turn
  • Instagram story ads – appear among other Instagram stories and can contain photos, images and videos


Source: Instagram – Sencor advertisement

What is the promotion process?

There are several ways to set up the promotion itself. If you want to start promoting a specific post you've already added, the ad can be set up directly in the Instagram app. A business Instagram profile is required for setup. Below the post you want to promote, you will find the blue "Promote Post" button.


In addition, several points need to be selected:

  • Where the ad will take the user - the website or your profile
  • The range of users that the ad will target
  • Daily budget
  • Duration of advertisement

Once confirmed, the ad will be submitted for approval and then run.

Another way is to launch an ad in the ad manager in Facebook Business Manager, where you also need to choose a call to action - that is, where the ad should lead the user, where the ad will appear - Instagram story, as a post in the feed, etc., the range of users, the daily budget and the duration of the ad. Likewise, the ad is submitted for approval and then launched. 


Promotion on Instagram can be a good way to make your business, services and products visible. Contact us and we will help you set up ads on Instagram and other social networks on your profile.

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