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The See-Think-Do-Care framework - a must for every marketer?

Four letters that are going to save your business - S, T, D, C.

With the STDC framework, you can better grasp your online marketing and strategy. It is a marketing approach based on certain stages of active or potential customers while shopping.

But not all those interested in your products and services are at the same stage. Therefore, we must approach each of them individually.

This is how we divide 4 groups of people, according to how ready they are to buy from us. Let's go through the stages of the STDC framework together.


STDC in the See phase:

Do you want to be seen? Why is it important to know the SEE phase's marketing processes?

The first thing to think about is the question: Who is your largest possible audience to reach? In the SEE phase, there is the largest group of people who could theoretically be interested in your products or services in the future. These are people who, through their behavior, share the intent of your brand. But it is crucial to mention that this group has no commercial intent. At least not at the moment. Your goal is clear. Get as much awareness as possible, so that when people want to buy a product in your industry, they think of you.


STDC in the Think phase:

The second group that hides under the letter T is people who are already thinking and considering a purchase. And you help them solve a problem with your services or products. For “SEE” and “THINK” are useful platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Don’t try to do a “DO” strategy here. It’s a waste of money. How many times have you visited social media to buy something? Pretty much no one comes to make a purchase there. It's simple. In the "THINK" phase follow these three rules – entertain, inform, and utility.



STDC in the Do phase:

The majority of current marketing activities focus on the group in the “DO” stage. It is an audience with strong commercial intent. Those who are very close to purchasing.

The most common mistake is that we make our marketing strategy just for those who are in the "DO" stage. But unfortunately, whether we like it or not, we annoy those who are not yet at this stage.


STDC in the Care phase:

These are those who represent our loyal customers. Not just people who've purchased once, but multiple times. Those that have renewed their contract. Those that have long-term revenue resulting engagements with us. You should take care of them, but most importantly, don't forget them. Content for this customer group appears on the website, but usually only to a small extent. There are tech support FAQs, or sometimes there is also a support phone number.

But nothing else. Why not?

If you could talk to your loyal customers, provide them with useful information and bring them a little closer to your brand, wouldn't you be the first to do so?

It is essential to understand what your marketing is solving. Every channel is good at something, but none is good at everything. We've introduced all the groups, now ask yourself questions like: Do we have content for all these people? And do we even have a marketing strategy to find these people?

If you need advice, we are more than happy to help you improve your marketing strategy to cover the entire STDC model.

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