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"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room" - Jeff Bezos

Questions we like to answer

  • Do you have a reason why customers should buy your products?

  • What makes your products or services unique?

  • Do you have a defined audience that you want to reach?

  • Do you know who your ideal customers are?

  • Do you know which platforms your audience spends the most time on?

  • Do you have a clear way for you to communicate to your audience?

  • Do you have memorized communication skills and competition channels?

The more precisely you answer these questions, the more effective your marketing strategy will be and, consequently, the benefits your campaigns will generate.

Defining the target group + Persona

Every business should have clearly defined personas, ideal customers, or those who spend the most money on your products and services. However, defining a persona is not that simple, as you should know the person as your spouse after 20 years of living together. You can't create a compelling marketing mix and campaigns until you know your persona. However, we have a standard framework for persona definition, and we are happy to assist you. 

If you believe all the pillars of marketing work perfectly for your business, you are on the wrong site. But, if you see any additional potential to your current marketing activites, contact us. We will prepare a marketing plan to ensure the maximum efficiency of your invested budget.

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Demo Img 1

Influencers + Your Brand - Yes or No?

We're aware of the importance of Influencer marketing, so we'll be happy to help you select the appropriate Influencer and evaluate it. There are many Influencers on Instagram or Youtube today who boast thousands of likes, followers, and reach , but which one is right for you? Establishing quality long-term cooperation that will bear fruit is not easy at all, and that is why we will help you with our experience.


Will the Influencers pay off? Check out our article HERE, which will answer your question.


Content creation on social networks and Youtube channel

Careful brand building is integral to creating quality content that your fans will share and consume organically (watch videos or read articles).

We will compile a communication strategy tailored to your potential customers, as each target group has a different communication style. Simply put, we need to work together to find out what type of content they're responding to and serve it at regular intervals. Not only does this constantly reactivate the customer, but we can also increase sales and strengthen the customer's relationship with your brand.


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Product and company design

If a company decides to build its brand, it must first establish its logo manual. This manual is then followed by the graphic designers who give the company an image that reflects a company's values. But it's not just about the colors of the products; it's also necessary to come up with a unique slogan, mission, vision, and other components of a trusted brand that customers will remember and not confuse with existing ones.


Trademark registration - CZ & EU

A trademark can save a lot of money and stress in the future because if you successfully build a brand, there are often those who want to take it over. The trademark, which we can mediate with the help of very experienced patent lawyers, serves against these lawsuits.








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