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What does the marketing strategy contain?

We define the target group, analyze their behavior and at the same time the passwords they hear. We create a plan for where and how this group moves, and based on that, we come up with campaigns that will not be overlooked.

Why create a marketing and communication strategy?

Consistency. By consistency, one achieves success in many aspects of life, not just business. Consistency is also very important in marketing, because thanks to a properly set marketing strategy, we are consistent in communicating with your customers. Through consistent communication, you will achieve maximum results in terms of the number of new customers and the retention of existing ones. At the same time, the strategy helps to prevent mistakes, because thanks to a carefully planned strategy, for example, you know what products to promote and with what budget. And fewer errors are logically equal to lower costs. In today's competitive environment, there is simply no room for "trial and error" :)

How is the marketing strategy created? What does a marketing strategy look like?

The preparation of a properly prepared strategy takes tens of hours, as it calculates with many inputs, whether from a product point of view, financially or, for example, logistical. The good news is that campaigns are often cyclical, so from the second year onwards, the strategy is often only adjusted to the current situation, so you don't have to create it from scratch.

The creation of a marketing strategy can be quickly summarized as follows:

  1. We define target groups and people

  2. We analyze where they move

  3. We analyze how to communicate with them - what problems they have and how our product solves them

  4. We are preparing the theme, passwords and creatives for the given campaign

  5. We are preparing the start date and duration

  6. We prepare campaign budgets based on financial possibilities and management priorities

  7. We are finalizing the schedule of campaigns for the given period

  8. We run campaigns + we evaluate their performance

During the creation of a marketing strategy, it is necessary to take into account various variables that can completely destroy the effectiveness of campaigns. Due to the negative financial impacts that can occur with an inappropriately chosen strategy, we recommend leaving the creation of the strategy to experienced marketers.

What do you mean by marketing strategy? What are the types?

Our team will help you not only with marketing strategy, but also with these activities, for example.

Brand strategy / strategy of your brand
Communication strategy
Content strategy
Marketing strategy during expansion
Creating competitive advantages for the local or foreign market
Consultations on marketing activities

How much does it cost to create a marketing strategy?

If we are talking about an external consultant, specialist or agency that will prepare the strategy, then we are talking about amounts starting at CZK 20,000. In general, we dare to say that we do not recommend choosing someone who will prepare a strategy for you for a few crowns, as it may contain minor mistakes that will cost you a lot of money and customers. And that's why we think that the strategy (depending on the scope of the company and the breadth of the range) takes at least 20 hours of time for an experienced marketer, which if you multiply the average hourly rate of marketing agencies of 1200 CZK without VAT (estimate), you start at around 24,000. CZK without VAT.

The project we valued would turn out roughly the same. We prepare a marketing strategy for approximately CZK 25 - 50,000 without VAT, depending on the number of divisions, categories, products, additional consultations, etc. But when you look at this amount from a long-term perspective, which of course the strategy is, these are negligible amounts compared to the mistakes that companies make every day.

Do you want to have a marketing strategy developed quickly and with quality? Do not hesitate to contact us, we have experience with dozens of companies from various industries.

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