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Our unique advantage is our tailor-made e-shop solution, which we build on the APEXMEDIA system, which has been developing since 2018. The e-shops we build are subject to strict SEO and UX parameters so that they are as useful as possible for both customers and for clients.

What does our tailor-made e-shop solution have?

We care not only about the user friendliness of the domain, but also about administration, because product and domain management must be simple and interactive. The responsiveness of the e-shop is also key for us, so browsing products and subsequent purchase is pleasant for customers both on a computer and, for example, on a tablet or phone.

Who is a tailor-made e-shop suitable for?

Tailor-made e-shop solutions are a far more flexible solution for many entrepreneurs who have special requirements for "bending" the e-shop. This can be, for example, the connection of multiple accounting warehouses, multilingual solutions or, for example, advanced UX editing.

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