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Expansion into foreign markets can be a very expensive strategic step if you don't have a thoroughly analyzed environment. The purchase of the domain " www.vasskvelyeshop.sk" or "vasskvelyeshop.hu" should be preceded by a thorough analysis of competition, price levels, behavior your audience , and so on. We know it's not easy to make a name for yourself in the new market, so we believe that the marketing strategy we have prepared will help your company to turning point faster than you think. Basically, we're most often dealing with 2 types of expansion . The company will either go its own e-shop and logistics solution, or add to the well-known Marketplace , such as Amazon < / a> , eMag or Mall . At the same time, however, there are several types of how to gain a foothold in foreign markets, and therefore we have prepared this article.

What are we doing?

  • We select the most appropriate market

  • We select the most profitable products for your market from your portfolio

  • We are preparing a marketing strategy, ie the most suitable combination of revenue sources for your product

    • Google, Facebook, Youtube, SEO or everything together?

  • We are preparing a monthly budget

  • We run campaigns according to the S-T-D-C strategy

  • We optimize

  • We evaluate and consult with you


For whom?

  • we manage campaigns for tiny e-shops with turnovers in the hundreds of thousands, but at the same time we work with multinational companies with turnovers in the hundreds of millions of crowns a year

In which markets do we already advertise?

  • Slovakia

  • Hungary

  • Romania

  • Slovenia

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Poland


What is the process?

  • Email us at prokop@brandelevator.cz

  • Make an appointment or call through Google Meet - we prefer face-to-face meetings

  • We'll show you what we can help

  • We're running campaigns

  • We are evaluating

How much will it cost me?

  • We're working on an hourly monthly budget, expansion isn't "one-off"

  • Hourly budget is up to you - do you want 5 hours a month? There is something you can do about it, but do you want to watch the competition overtake you? We hate it.

  • Are you afraid you'll pay us an hour x a few months and we won't earn you anything? Let's agree on the share of sales in a given market, it's up to you.

  • take a look at our price list or straight to us contact

"Why should I sell abroad? I don't even have a 100% share of the local market yet, it doesn't make sense. " This can happen at your meeting, but we know it's not appropriate for a growing business that wants to maximize revenue, profit, and support diversification of revenue.

We will get you to these foreign markets


This great thing in the field of online stores probably does not need to be introduced. He is one of the largest freight forwarding chains in the world and his success is currently due to the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos.

  • We will develop a sales and marketing strategy
  • We will provide all necessary support processes
  • We will evaluate the success of monthly reports on an ongoing basis

Chci uspět na Amazonu


The largest e-shop in Hungary and Romania, which aims to dominate Europe in the field of e-commerce. We'll help you set up your advertising here in bulk and automatically.

  • We will develop a sales and marketing strategy
  • We will provide all necessary support processes
  • We will evaluate the success of monthly reports on an ongoing basis

Chci uspět na eMAG

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