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Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive 3D experience that combines a real-world view with computer-generated elements. And we're the first in the country to enable augmented reality (AR) on your own e-shop. Augmented reality may no longer be just for huge businesses, it can now increase conversion rates to your own solution. Take a look at realized projects , where you can try AR yourself.

Why should I care about Augmented Reality?

Product labels and photos are one of the main factors that decide whether products are sold on the e-shop or not. For over 20 years, e-shoppers have been puzzled with how to "pull out" the label so that the site visitor does not want to leave and add the displayed product to the cart. We described how to extract the product label in our article How to optimize labels .

Our 3D models provide your customers with a unique < strong> 360 ° view from all sides. Even from below! And that's something that classic 2D photos can never do. 3D models instantly increase the conversion rate because people can imagine the product in their space much better than when scrolling through multiple images. With the mouse-drag feature, you can rotate the product as you wish with your mouse or touchpad.

Thanks to us, there is now another step that takes 3D models to a completely different level. This is augmented reality, also known as Augmented Reality. Note - you don't need any glasses or an app for millions :-) You can also find more about AR in our article HERE .

To use our AR technology, all you need is a smartphone that simply scans the link using a QR code and the link will project the product into your space (living room, garage or terrace, for example.)

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