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In today's crazy times, companies are rapidly digitizing and creating new positions for which our education system has no experience yet.

PPC is our daily bread, so we decided to share it. We will be happy to train you in almost all aspects of online marketing. At the same time, the demand for PPC or SEO specialists is also rising, let alone finding a good marketing manager today.
Thanks to us, you do not have to worry about this lack of skilled colleagues, as we will be happy to train you or your colleagues into marketing specialists who will be fully autonomous and will meet your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) based on priorities with sufficient control.

We currently offer training for the position:

  • PPC specialist

    • Google Ads

      • Including Youtube promotions

    • Click list

    • Facebook Ads

    • Instagram Ads
    • Heureka
    • Bing Ads

    • LinkedIN Ads

  • SEO Specialist

  • Marketing Manager

    • You will comprehensively manage a team of specialists to achieve maximum results in the online environment

  • Brand Manager

    • Brand building isn't fun and it's hard to measure, so you want to do it right

How does the training take place?

We propose this plan: brandelevator_skoleni_firem

  1. Let's talk about your business strategy or your personal plan

  2. We'll agree on the time required, you don't pay an extra crown

  3. we will meet at your chosen place or in our offices in Karlín

  4. We'll go through different campaigns together to be ready for campaigns of all kinds

  5. We'll teach you to look at different metrics so you can relevantly evaluate the benefits of each campaign

The training can include, for example, creating a caption style (in HTML or CSS) or graphic design of a photo or banner.

Simply put! We'll build the campaign on the resource that's most important to you, be it Google Ads, tell you what to look out for and how to evaluate the campaign. We will use our real campaigns + Google Analytics account for this.

How much does such training in online marketing cost?

Online marketing training can take 30 minutes or even 60 hours. Let's define exactly what you want to control and do it.

Our hourly rate is 2000 CZK without VAT viz. our price list.


Thank you for reading here . We would like to offer you a free initial consultation. Use our contact form, we will contact you :)

What will I gain through training?

The course also includes a training certificate , which will list the content of the training and the difficulty of the course itself.

After completing our training, you will gain hands-on skills that you will be able to apply to any marketing activities that apply online.

We are confident that our training will help you both in your job and in your career as a freelancer or marketing agency.

Thank you for reading here . We would like to offer you a free initial consultation. Use our contact form, we will contact you :)

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