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Together with the development company APEXMEDIA, we create tailor-made websites for our clients.

These are mostly presentation sites that are used to present the client's services or products. We create websites in such a way that they look stylish, but at the same time functional, as they often have the task of collecting inquiries. We use the latest trends in programming languages ​​and applications. We use well-established frameworks such as nette or next.js, for example. In the basic solution, our websites are already subject to SEO settings, which are evaluated by Google. This means that once you start, you have a chance to appear high in search results.

We will prepare the website for you from A-Z

  • design
  • programming
  • SEO
  • Adjustments / Optimizations
  • service

At the same time, however, we devise and create complex internal systems for companies.

Our advantage is tailor-made e-shops, which we write about in a separate category HERE .

How is the collaboration going?

  1. Personal or online meeting where we will discuss your ideas and supplement them with useful practical advice
  2. We'll create a wireframes and design
  3. We are consulting with you
  4. We are starting to code and program
  5. We are preparing to launch
  6. We are setting up SEO
  7. We run on a server

Our satisfied clients

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Demo Img 1


Office equipment


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1

Czech Home Capital

Investing in residential real estate


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1

Real Estate Congress

The biggest real estate event of the year


Apartments Bolevecká

Sale of housing units


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1


Bamboo Lingerie Vendor


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1

Prosthetics Pilsen

Vendor of orthopedic prosthetics


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