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Creating e-shops on Shoptet

How does it work?

The process is simple and time consuming. We have already built dozens of e-shops at Shoptet, so we know what and where to set up so that the e-shop appeals to you and especially to the Google and Seznam search engines. The creation of graphics and settings is completely up to us from A-Z. As a result, you do not waste time trying attempts that may jeopardize the performance of your e-shop.


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We will meet either in person or online

We will discuss your business, go over your needs and goals, in order to clearly define the scope of work that you can handle and where we can assist you.

Together, we will choose a template and the appearance of your e-shop

Selecting the right template and overall look for your e-shop is one of the key steps. Based on your preferences and requirements, we will help you choose one that effectively represents your business and captivates your customers.

We will upload products and create categories

Our team will assist you in selecting products and categories that have the highest priority for your e-shop. This will enable you to quickly kickstart your online business and boost your revenue.

We will conduct a competitive analysis and set up a pricing strategy

We will analyze the competition in your industry and establish a pricing strategy that is competitive while ensuring the profitability of your e-shop.

We will handle and insert images for the products

Attractive product images are crucial for effective presentation and customer acquisition. If needed, we can also assist you with photography and editing to ensure they look as professional as possible.

We will integrate your e-shop with the necessary tools.

Connecting your e-shop to various online marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Seznam Sklik, Facebook, and Instagram will enable you to enhance and monitor the performance of your e-shop.

We will take care of the graphics

We can create custom graphics for your potential customers, including homepage and category banners, logos, advertising banners to increase sales and awareness of your business, and much more. Creative and tailor-made graphics play a key role in attracting and retaining customers' attention and increase the overall performance of the e-shop.

We will select suitable Shoptet add-ons

We will help you choose the Shoptet add-ons that best suit your business needs, which may include various extensions and functionalities that will improve the user experience and efficiency of the store.

We will test the solution on multiple devices and browsers

We carefully test the solution on different devices and browsers to ensure that your e-shop works optimally for all users, regardless of what device or browser they use.

We will train you

We will train you and your team to be able to manage and monitor the performance of the e-shop. We teach you how to focus only on the key numbers and indicators that are most important for your business.

We will launch the e-shop

After completing all the previous steps, we launch your e-shop and ensure that it is fully functional and ready for commercial operation. Subsequently, we will be happy to support you and keep the e-shop up-to-date and competitive.

Why choose us to build your Shoptet e-shop?

In the team, we have our own coders and graphic designers who have a wealth of experience with Shoptet

Responsive design customized to your brand (Shoptet is already responsive by itself, but we will create the graphics for you)

SEO for maximum performance

Before setting up the e-shop, we conduct a keyword analysis

We don't pull product and category names out of thin air, as it involves a thorough analysis of what people are searching for

Integration of the e-shop with the warehouse, accounting system, and marketing tools (Google, Seznam, Heureka)

The possibility of an express e-shop launch in just one week

You always have administrator access to the e-shop and can make any changes you like

We would also be happy to set up a marketing strategy that will attract customers to your new e-shop

As a full-service agency, we can also immediately set up PPC campaigns that will breathe life into your e-shop

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E-shops we created:

Demo Img 1


E-shop with smart watches



The e-shop with experiences in high-performance cars


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1


Online store with clothing and accessories for Drift enthusiasts


Online store with backpacks


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1


Czech chair manufacturer



Family company from Pilsen


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1

GTSports Technology

Sports car modification specialists



E-shop with clothes and accessories


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1


E-shop with products for dogs and cats


CBD ze Soláně

E-shop with CBD drops


Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1


E-shop with smart watches, headphones and accessories


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