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Many clients have already come to us that they are interested in their own e-shop, but they don't really know how to start. Due to the possibilities that are on the market now, we often recommend setting up an e-shop on the Czech Shoptet platform. Thanks to the huge popularity of this platform on the CZ market (more than 25,000 e-shops), this is the most suitable solution if you are not considering vývoj kompletného tailor-made solutions that we also do.

How does it work?

The process is simple and time consuming. We have already built dozens of e-shops at Shoptet, so we know what and where to set up so that the e-shop appeals to you and especially to the Google and Seznam search engines. The creation of graphics and settings is completely up to us from A-Z. As a result, you do not waste time trying attempts that may jeopardize the performance of your e-shop.


Benefits of Brand Elevator + Shoptet

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The process of launching your e-shop on Shoppt

  • We'll meet in person or online

  • We will define the scope of work that you can handle and that we should handle

  • We choose template / look of your e-shop of your choice

  • We will list the products that will have the highest priority on the web

  • We will list the categories that will have the highest priority on the site

  • We'll review competitors' prices and set a price list

  • We upload images for products (we can also take photos and edit them)

  • We will connect the e-shop to

    • Google Analytics,

    • Google Ads

    • Google Search Console

    • Click list

    • Facebook & Instagram
  • We create grafika tailored to your potential customers

    • main page and category banners

    • logo

    • Advertising banners to increase sales and business awareness

  • Vybíme Shoptet

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Demo Img 1
Demo Img 1


Czech chair manufacturer



Family company from Pilsen


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Demo Img 1

GTSports Technology

Sports car modification specialists


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Demo Img 1

Demo Img 1

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