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Facebook + Instagram ADS in the Czech Republic

Why social networks?

It's very usual to spend at least a few minutes on Facebook every day; it's just a ritual to see what friends and the sites we follow share. According to statista.com, Facebook had over 1.88 billion active users in the first quarter of 2021, of which not only Facebook benefits. Companies that promote their products or services through Facebook Ads also benefit significantly from these visits.

Why advertise with us on the Czech market?

We have over five years of experience with Facebook Ads in the Czech Republic and nearby countries. We manage our campaigns in the Business Manager interface, from where we can effectively target also Stories and Reels on Instagram. Additionally, we use Facebook not only for product campaigns. At the same time, we are building awareness of brands that want to let people know that they exist and have many competitive advantages. We have spent hundreds of thousands of CZK on Facebook, and we are not afraid to say that we can squeeze the maximum out of it.

Content creation on social networks

What does that mean?

We create engaging content that reaches your potential customers. Thanks to PPC campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, good-quality content can very effectively increase the number of visitors, brand awareness, and sales at the same time. Unfortunately, creating content on social networks is not just about taking pictures of the product, which we know. According to the latest trends, we reactivate your potential and existing customers.


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