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Keyword analysis for websites and e-shops

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is a list of all the terms that your potential customers can search for in connection with the products or services you offer. This analysis is an absolute must for powerful SEO. This is an in-depth search of all possible connections that apply to your company. Based on this document, a content strategy is built, which is then transformed into content on your site. At the same time, the analysis is used in PPC ads, where it serves as a relevant basis for a PPC specialist who creates ads so as to attract as much relevant traffic to your website.

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Who is this SEO analysis for?

We recommend performing keyword analysis for both start-up sites / e-shops and established domains. The analysis finds various short and long search queries that your potential customers are looking for. If you do not include these search queries in your content strategy, your potential customer may end up on a competitor's site. And that's a shame, isn't it? :)

How does search query analysis help you?

It will help you mainly to clarify what texts you need on the web. Clients often offer the perfect services that people are looking for, but since they have poor SEO, no one will find them. Keyword analysis is a great foundation for creating any site, but not only that. The key also makes PPC ads much simpler, as this analysis can be used as a solid foundation for Google and List search campaigns.

How much does a keyword analysis cost?

Pricing is always individual, as each company has different services, categories on the web and also the target group. We usually range from 10 to 35 hours of difficulty, the hourly rate is mentioned in our price list. These hours are spent by an experienced specialist in proven tools, from which he "retrieves" the most needed data.


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The main advantages of keyword analysis

 The primary material of any successful site.

 Higher sales due to higher traffic

 Higher conversion rate

 More powerful PPC ads

 Better marketing texts

 Better web orientation for your customers

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