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Augmented reality for e-shops

Give your clients a new shopping experience and mediate augmented reality with us directly on your e-shop. Product 2D photos may not be sufficient for customers because the customer cannot imagine the actual size of the products or their appearance. Thanks to augmented reality, customers will have the opportunity to try the goods at their home before buying them.

Unique WEB AR software is enough for the whole process, which allows customers to see 3D objects and there is no need to download any application. The software works on platforms such as Wordpress, Shopware and Shopify.


What are the benefits of augmented reality?

  • better sales of your products

  • less returned items

  • New customer shopping experience

  • actual size of the goods

  • Compatibility across all devices

What is the collaboration process?

úvodní meeting_Brandelevator Introductory meeting - this meeting will agree on the purpose of augmented reality and KPIs, ie measurable added value of augmented reality on your e-shop


3D modeling_Brandelevator 3D modeling - 3D models of your products are modeled 3D models



web_brandelevator location placement on the web - models will be placed on your e-shop using an iframe or via a direct link



správa aktiv_Brandelevator Asset management - on the Cloud platform you can manage your new 3D models and find out how often products are placed at customers



WEB AR platform

You can manage, analyze, and integrate 3D models on a unique platform.

  • administration - you can search, sort and filter 3D models on this platform.

  • Analysis - The ability to track how often your products are placed.

  • integration - from the platform, augmented reality can be integrated into all websites. Integration is done via iframes, direct links or plugins.


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