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BrandElevator + VŠE for the second time. Aka what did we advise the students of the master's program at Economics?

Once again we had the opportunity to lecture at the University of Economics in Prague.

This time on the topic of PPC and how to use PPC advertising to your advantage. The students were excited because it directly fit into their subject called "Marketing for Startups", hence marketing for start-up companies. And you can't do without PPC ads today.

We explained to the students the basics of Internet campaigns so that they could supervise PPC specialists and deal with large projects relevantly with them.

At the same time, we introduced them to the world of marketing "micro" companies in the Czech market.

In this way, we have opened up new horizons for them, as many students have experience only from large corporations, where there are several specialists for each sub-activity. This is usually not possible in a small company.


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