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How to create product labels so that your customers always buy from you?

Are you selling your products online and struggling with how to create product descriptions to attract your potential customers? How should product descriptions be written and will Google index them for SEO? How to use photos and videos? What to watch out for? Check with us for answers to these questions and other tips on how to create such product descriptions so that customers cannot not buy.

How to create a product name?

Not only the name of your product but also the labels should be based on keyword analysis, which will help you get to the top of the search engines and bring in customers. If you have any questions about keyword analysis, please contact us here and we will be happy to advise you. In addition to the correct use of keywords, the title should also be sufficiently descriptive. For a better understanding, let's look at examples from the AHProfi e-shop, where we created a template for product labels for the client:

  • Toolbox
  • Economy mobile tool cabinet 7 drawers, 272 parts - AH12272A

The first example is not fully sufficient and does not tell us much. The second example does much better and contains everything a good product name should have.


Fill in the product information thoroughly

Start with a short description of the product and basic information including price and whether the item is in stock. It is worth specifying where the goods are located and how long customers can have them at home - this is an element of the so-called DELIVERY GUARANTEE, which is usually connected to a calendar that accurately calculates when the courier will ring the customer's door.

First, focus on the most important information, including price and manufacturer.


Don't forget the parameters!

Next, describe the product in as much detail as possible to explain all the benefits the product has. At the same time, you specify to the customer whether this product is what will solve their desire or problem. The customer must understand what the product is for. This applies not only to the customer but also to Google. If you have the parameters and values set up correctly, Google will be happy to index them for you - this can greatly help you with SEO and with appearing on the top ranks of search engines.

The product description should not be too long. Use shorter sentences and bullet points. On the other hand, avoid long text.


Don't be afraid to use bullet points when describing the product. We recommend a "zig-zag" structure (see image below) interspersed with photos or images. Another important point in the description is linked to alternative or related products. With a high probability, the customer will buy more than he originally intended. You can also link to your blog, where you write about the given product or service and thus try to help the customer with the choice.

 Use the description of the details and their photos. The customer gets a better idea of the product.


Do not forget about the parameters that will provide the customer with essential information about the product. This may include, for example, the weight of the goods, material, machine performance, what exactly is included in the package, etc.

Break down the parameters in more detail. If you don't want them to take up too much space, you can hide them in a drop-down list.


Don't be afraid to communicate about the manufacturer or brand. Also include where the brand comes from, what kind of practice it has and what makes it stand out.

Also show the customer related products, such as drill bits for a drill, a mobile phone charger or a mouse for a keyboard. In short, what could be suitable for the customer with the given product? Also think about alternatives to the given product, because with a high probability you will be able to help the customer find exactly what he is looking for.

Try to help the customer. It can be in the form of related goods or a suitable alternative to the product.


Photos and videos

A quality photo is the foundation that is pivotal and sells. But use real photos of the product so that customers can imagine what the product looks like. Photos of the detail are also important, which you can use right next to the description.

Don't be afraid to add videos too. Preferably a specialist who describes how the product is used, its connection or if the product is durable.

Will augmented reality help?

Yes, today it is already possible to add augmented reality to your e-shop, thanks to which the customer can project your product into his space and find out whether it will really fit in his living room/kitchen or perhaps a garage. You can find more about augmented reality in the section itself here​​​​​.


What should not be forgotten about product labels?

  • mobile phones - according to our analysis, more than 50% of people view websites and e-shops on a mobile phone, so don't forget that your website displays well on mobile devices and is user-friendly

  • stock - communicate whether the given item is in stock or when it can be at the customer's place

  • interlinking – use links in the description to other products you mention or to articles you have on your blog

  • don't try to describe the product to people, but help them choose

  • do not write descriptions that are too long and continuous, because they will be rather boring for the customer


Use our contact form and we will be happy to advise you on how to write labels for your e-shop as well.

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