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How to write texts so that browsers love you? Read some tips to increase website traffic (FOR FREE)

The goal of your website content creators is not only to convey a message to your potential customers but also to create content that Google will evaluate as beneficial and relevant. If this happens, organic traffic to your site will also increase, increasing the number of inquiries and sales.

How to optimize web pages that are also liked by browsers? Check out our tips with us.

1. Survey

Before you start writing, take the time to research the topic. You can look at blog articles, and statistics and describe your experiences. Do not forget keyword analysis, which is very important when creating SEO-friendly content.

2. Catchy headline

When writing the article itself or descriptions, keep in mind that the headline - i.e. the main heading. It is the first thing that a potential customer will see, and the headline is always written everywhere, that is, it shows up in the search engine.

3. There is beauty in simplicity

And that's why to stick to the topic you're writing about so that the reader knows directly what he will learn after clicking. The use of keywords is also important. But not so that there are too many of them in the headline or in the article as a whole. The text should primarily be easy to read, and too many keywords will not rank you better in the search engine.

4. Don't forget the meta tags

The meta description is often neglected, while in fact it is a very important part of the entire text, both from the SEO point of view and also for the reader who reads the meta description after the headline and, if interested, clicks on the entire article. Keep the meta description about 150 characters long, tell the readers what they will learn in the article and don't forget the relevant keywords.

5. The content itself

When creating the text itself, try to write clearly and use shorter sentences. Break up the text with subheadings (h2, h3, h4, etc.) and we also recommend using bullets, numbering, and anchors.

6. Supplementing images

Complementing the text with a photo or image will help the reader better understand the given topic or product. In order for the search engine to understand the images better, focus on the title of the image and the ALT text.

7. Analyze the results in GSC

With Google Search Console, you can analyze the performance of your website in organic search, which is the exact result of how your texts perform in Google. If the number of views, clicks, and click-through rates increase, you are optimizing your pages perfectly. If these metrics aren't improving, there's going to be a problem somewhere. The problem can have many causes, which we will summarize in our next article.

When writing texts for your e-shop or website, always try to find a balance between conveying a message to your readers and building SEO using the tips above.


If you want to help get better organic results, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on copywriting, creating a keyword analysis or content strategy.

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