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Pay-Per-Click ads - what is it and why should I care?

PPC, or paid online advertising, are campaigns specifically targeted from Google Ads.

What does PPC stand for?

PPC is a shortcut for pay-per-click. This makes it clear that the advertiser (your business or e-shop) only pays when a search engine user (Google or List) clicks on a particular link. At that point, the advertiser pays the preferred cost-per-click that he is willing to pay. The cost of a click also determines which advertiser appears in the top positions in the search engines.

Is it worth to pay for PPC campaigns?

Paid ads are an easier way to get traffic to your e-shop or website. Of course, there are other resources (SEO, Linkbuilding, Influencers, etc.) that provide interesting sales if they are cared for according to the latest trends. Even so, PPCs play an integral part of the marketing mix of most companies that you currently find on the Internet. It's for a simple reason - Google wants to make more and more money, so it prefers those who are willing to pay "showing." As a result, in the vast majority of cases, you first see paid ads and only then the organic ones that companies optimize (SEO).

How to get first in search engine results?

We explained above that PPCs operate on an auction basis. The one who offers a higher price ranks higher, which ensures a higher probability of higher traffic and subsequent sales. The position in the campaign is determined not only by the amount of click, but also by many other factors that Google takes into account, in particular:

Ad Quality (CTR - Clickthrough Rate)

Landing page quality

Optimization score

Account age

It is advisable to optimize these points if you have ambitions for the first position in search results.

How to set up PPC ads?

Neither Google Ads nor Sklik campaigns are easy to set up. Before running any campaign, you should have:

Exactly given marketing strategy

Products in stock and with a margin for which you can afford PPC despite fixed and variable costs

We recommend compiling an ABC list

Budget (return may not be lucrative at first)

A specialist who will tune your campaigns to higher performance and lower costs

What budget for PPC?

The budget should be determined by your strategy and financial capabilities. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account both the margin with which your company works and the profit that you plan to have for the given period. In general, we recommend keeping PNO (cost share turnover) PPC from around 10%. This ratio will reliably feed your target group with an attractive range of products, ensure future growth, and at the same time it is a sustainable cost if you have a margin of at least 20%.

Is it possible to build a brand using PPC?

Yes, PPC is not just about clicking directly on the web for an immediate purchase. It's a good idea to create a brand, for example, with Youtube campaigns that show your campaign to a targeted audience at an affordable price, showing you why you exist and why this potential customer should buy your product or service from you. At the same time, we recommend using banners that appear around the main content of various websites around the Internet. It's important to set your ads up effectively, which isn't easy.

Campaigns can be very expensive and ineffective if they are not optimized by a specialist who knows what and how. Get a free campaign audit from us, for example we can find places for improvement.

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