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Augmented Reality (AR) in online marketing? That's the trend for 2022!

We have already described what augmented reality is in our blog article. Recently, it has become a trend in both marketing and sales strategies, which allows you to provide customers with a new shopping experience. So what can be the use of AR in online marketing?

Augmented Reality allows you to try any product in advance

Let customers try the product before they make a purchase. Just as samples of cosmetic products or test drives in cars testify to the effectiveness of this sales strategy, so can augmented reality in your e-shop. With AR, your customers can try on furniture, garden equipment, and even hot tubs, all from the comfort of their smartphone. It is important to mention that your product, which they will project in AR, will be displayed in real size thanks to smart cameras. Thanks to this, customers will immediately know whether the product "fits" in the space they have chosen. You can find augmented reality products realized by us in the Realized projects section.

Is augmented reality also suitable for small businesses?

It may seem that from a marketing point of view, AR is only suitable for large projects and enterprises. The opposite is true. Augmented reality is suitable for companies across the entire market and you can use it in your company as well. For example, on the Czech e-shop AHProfi, this product increases the conversion rate from the first day we deployed AR. Judge the quality for yourself HERE Also, thanks to Mazing AR software, no app is needed, which dramatically reduces costs - so yes, AR is suitable even for small businesses with a few products.

Branding and augmented reality

We have already written about the importance of creating a brand in our article and augmented reality is one of the other options for ensuring the so-called brand position - that is, the position of your brand in the mind of a potential customer.

Thanks to AR, your brand will have added value and a new unexpected experience for customers. Combining these two features will help you build new and wider brand awareness.

Connecting printed materials with augmented reality

You can bring your products even closer to the customer by combining augmented reality with company brochures, prospectuses and business cards. For example, clients can scan a QR code on a brochure and a product will appear on their mobile phone, which they can project into the space. The same can be the case with business cards to present various contact options. AR is also currently gaining popularity in study materials and books.

Augmented reality as an assistant for sales representatives

In personal selling, you can show all products to customers from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a tablet or smartphone, which you can use to scan your products and then project them into the given space.

The financial complexity of augmented reality

Augmented reality is not free. If one multiplies the cost of one processed product by their entire assortment, one can come across an astronomical sum with a negligible return. But that's not the metric you should be looking at all. We often proceed with clients in such a way that we select only a few "Best Sellers", in other words, the best-selling products, and create AR for them. Then we proceed according to the selected priorities that the individual products have. In practice, therefore, we only make, for example, 5 products, and we add more every month according to your financial possibilities and priorities.

Augmented reality can improve your company's buying experience and increase business opportunities and sales.

Augmented reality is much more than just a novelty in the market or an upgrade of online games. AR is gradually becoming the driving force behind sales and marketing innovation.

Contact us and together we will figure out how to use augmented reality for your company as well.

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