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What is a user persona and how to use it in marketing?

User persona is a concept that has become an important term in marketing. This is a fictitious representation of the ideal customer, which is based on a detailed analysis of mainly demographic, behavioral and psychographic data. This tool helps us marketers better understand our target audience and then target marketing activities properly.

Define your target group

Understanding your customers' motivations, goals and needs allows you to create content that appeals to their specific interests. This increases the chances of conversion and subsequently customer loyalty. With detailed insight into customer perceptions, marketers can more accurately select the channels, mediums and messages that will be most effective in reaching their target audience. The user persona thus provides marketers with valuable information on how to reach customers and convince them to buy. Another advantage is understanding the customer's life cycles, i.e. identifying the key moments in which to communicate with them - from the customer's entry into the market to the purchase and maintaining their loyalty. A user persona can reveal important insights and engagement opportunities. This allows marketers to create more effective marketing strategies and improve overall campaign performance.


Why is a persona created in marketing?

The general benefits of user personas have been partially described in the previous paragraph. But if we were to specify them, they are mainly the following:

  • Better understanding of customers: This is the key to successful marketing and the essence of user personas. We will help you not only to know your target group, but above all to reach only the relevant part of them that is really interested in the product or service, which leads to the correct use of your budget.
  • Personalization of marketing activities: The word personalization is thrown around all the time in marketing. But since it is important not to forget this aspect, we dare to use it again and again. Based on user persona information, marketers can create content and offers that address the specific needs and interests of individual customer segments. Personalization helps create a stronger connection between the customer and the brand and increases the chances of a successful conversion.
  • Targeting marketing campaigns: User persona allows marketers to better target their campaigns. In order to achieve this step, however, it is necessary to split the two previous points. Understanding the specific characteristics and preferences of individual customers makes it possible to select the right channels, messages and outreach tools, thereby increasing the effectiveness of marketing activities and reducing the waste of resources. Both financial and human.
  • Improving customer loyalty and increasing brand awareness: It's simple. If you are able to bring the right content to the right customers at the right time to help them solve a problem or fulfill a personal desire, success is guaranteed. Long-term satisfaction will then ensure the repeat purchase of individual customers and the transfer of a positive experience to other potential customers.

How to create a user persona?

Collect the right data from Google Analytics, define common elements, add graphic content and your user persona is ready! If you want to do more work with the persona, you can supplement your research with interviews with real customers, when you interview them based on a pre-structured questionnaire. In this case, however, focus on the correct formulation of the questions so that, at any cost, they do not show only positive answers, which would not be completely valid for you in the results. You can learn more about how to define a target group of customers in our previous article.

If we haven't answered all your questions or you want help with creating a user persona, get in touch! We will be happy to advise you.


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