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Why segment your customers?

Marketing segmentation is one of the tools that can help you get to know your customer well, which is one of the most important points of a successful marketing plan. Each customer has different characteristics, and thanks to segmentation, you can divide customers into groups and communicate with them as efficiently as possible.

What exactly does marketing segmentation mean?

It is a process of dividing the audience into parts that differ from each other or, on the contrary, share individual characteristics. The result is then groups consisting of existing and potential customers. So it will help you successfully reach the right people, at the right time and at the right place.

What are the criteria?

  • Demographic – Probably the most typical breakdowns are age, gender, education, ethnicity, marital status, etc. Do you want to target women or men more? Rather for students or workers? In this section, try to be as specific as possible and imagine your model customer

  • Psychological - people who think the same usually buy the same, so when dividing psychologically, focus on hobbies, lifestyle, values, etc.

  • Behavioral - it is focused on the customer's attitude towards the product or service, but also on the relationship to the brand - these criteria can be monitored according to the frequency of purchases, interactions on the website, e-shop or in the company's application

  • Geographical - you can divide customers according to countries, regions, types of landscape, and climate, but also depending on culture or languages

How to create your strategy for marketing segmentation?

In the practical creation of this procedure, it is necessary to focus on several points:

  1. Analyze and set a goal - for example, your goal may be to increase website traffic or to increase the success of online campaigns, in any case, setting goals is essential to measure the progress and functionality of your marketing strategies.

  2. Market targeting – identify and define who you are targeting, how you will communicate, where you want to reach your audience and why.

  3. Selection of a specific target group - at this stage, it is also important to determine the right tools to reach this group. Will it be more like a website, social media or newsletter?

Why is segmentation important or what are the main pros?

Marketing segmentation can bring you several pros, the main ones include:

  • More effective satisfaction of customer needs

  • Increasing competitiveness in the given section

  • Better communication - without knowledge of the target market, successful communication is not possible, and market knowledge requires segmentation

  • Greater profit and savings on marketing campaigns

Targeting the right segment and then determining the right campaigns will boost your company and your revenue.

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