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Why should you use remarketing?

Would you like to target your PPC campaigns to potential customers who have already visited your website or added goods to the basket in the e-shop, but did not complete the purchase? See why and how to use remarketing.

What is remarketing and what is it for?

Remarketing and retargeting are the marketing tactics in online marketing. This is retargeting to customers who have already visited your website or e-shop. You can thus directly target customers who you know are interested in a given service or product, which increases the possibility of a sale. It is also an opportunity to remind your page.

Remarketing vs. retargeting 

Both remarketing and retargeting share the same goal – to target a customer who has already visited your website. The difference is in the strategy you use for this targeting:

  • Remarketing = displaying the exact product or service that the user previously visited on your website
  • Retargeting = displaying similar products that the user might also be interested in

How does remarketing work?

For remarketing, you need to insert a remarketing code on your website, which stores a cookie about the website visit. Subsequently, thanks to this cookie, targeted advertising will be displayed on the website, in the search engine or on social networks. If you use this code on your website, you need to notify the users of the website.

Remarketing advertising is subsequently shown in the form of banners with graphics, photos or only text. It depends on the campaign settings.

How, where and when to use remarketing?

Most often, remarketing is set up via Google Ads or under the term retargeting in Sklik. In Google Ads, the code is set via Tools - Number of conversions. Very similarly in Sklik via Tools - Retargeting. 

Types of remarketing: 

  • General - the simplest and most popular variant is the simple display of advertising on other websites, after a customer visits your site or e-shop.

  • Social networks - showing targeted advertising to customers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Nowadays, it is becoming very popular due to better clarity.

  • Dynamic remarketing – products are displayed dynamically to the customer:

    o   which he has already visited

    o   from the category he visited in the past

    o   that you added to your cart but did not buy

    o   which is related to the purchased goods

  • Remarketing in search – the ad will appear in search, but only to customers from the remarketing audience.

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to the question "when". You can target remarketing on your website to all customers who visit the page. Another variant is a narrower focus only on some sub-pages, product types or time (for example during the discount period). It really depends on your overall marketing strategy and what your goal is for that stage.

But don't forget that you don't want to discourage customers or be too intrusive with frequently repeated advertising. Set the number of times a given ad can be shown to a customer per day - no more than two or three times a day.

Benefits of remarketing

Finally, let's summarize the biggest benefits:

  1. Target customers who have already visited your website.

  2. Target customers who have already been interested in your product or service.

  3. Impressing your business by strategically serving ads to an engaged audience.

  4. Easy timing.

  5. You only pay for the ad if the customer clicks on it.


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