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Companies have many different products processed by us. In general, AR is most suitable for companies with larger products that are difficult to imagine in your own space. With AR, a potential customer simply projects a product in real size, which greatly simplifies product selection. Also take note of the details that the products we process have - the customer can easily, from all sides, view the product in maximum quality.

Augmented Reality for Czech e-shop AHProfi.cz


AHProfi can be proud that it was the first e-shop on the CZ market to deploy augmented reality to label of their products. Augmented reality dramatically increases the conversion rate, as potential customers are often hesitant to fit into a pre-selected space, such as a workshop table or workshop trolley. This space can be a garage, workshop or assembly car. Thanks to our Mazing WebAR solution, we were able to create 3D models from product photos provided by AHProfi. Just by offering customers a 360-degree view of such a robust product as a workshop trolley, we facilitate the selection and improve the friendliness of the e-shop as such. When viewing a 3D model, it is up to the customer to click and view the product in his space. It is important to mention that no application is required for the augmented reality of Mazing WebAR. We upload products to AHProfi.cz using iFrame, which is a classic part of HTML code.

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Whirlpool in Augmented Reality

Stylish lamp in AR

Garden Grill in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Massage Chair

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