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We are focused on PPC campaigns on the Czech and Slovak market. With PPC advertising, we can guarantee that you will be seen. Based on our experience with tools like Google Ads, we can target online ads on your potential customers, which means that the budget you give us is always effectively invested. We are focused on PPC campaigns on the Czech and Slovak market. 


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Where can your ads be seen?


Google Ads

Nowadays, it's hard to find a successful eCommerce platform that doesn't use Google Ads. This platform allows e-shops to reach their potential customers through various targeted campaigns. We coordinate all the types of campaigns that Google Ads offers in the Czech Republic, including product, search, display, as well as video campaigns on Youtube. Thus, such online campaigns are not so easy to set up, especially in Prague or Brno, which is why we are here. We have already spent more than CZK 10,000,000 in Google campaigns not only in Czech and guess what, EFFICIENTLY!

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Heureka & Product Ads

Many sellers don't even know about this option, which gives us better CPCs and fewer competing ads in Eureka search results. The condition for this type of promotion is your own brand. We can then target different search terms or categories, which will bring you more impressions and therefore more clicks.

Facebook + Instagram Ads

It's very usual to spend at least a few minutes on Facebook every day; it's just a lovely ritual to see what friends and the sites we follow share. According to statista.com, Facebook had over 1.88 billion active users in the first quarter of 2021, of which not only Facebook benefits. Companies that promote their products or services through Facebook Ads also benefit significantly from these visits. We have over five years of experience with Facebook Ads in the Czech Republic and nearby countries. We manage our campaigns in the Business Manager interface, from where we can effectively target also Stories and Reels on Instagram. Additionally, we use Facebook not only for product campaigns. At the same time, we are building awareness of brands that want to let people know that they exist and have many competitive advantages. We have spent hundreds of thousands of CZK on Facebook, and we are not afraid to say that we can squeeze the maximum out of it.

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Seznam Search Engine

Although the number of people in Czech using the SEZNAM search engine is still declining, we observe its very important role in the sources of visitors of almost every website. There is still a group of people who do not allow Google to be the main search engine on their devices. If your target group also follows the websites owned by Seznam (Seznam.cz, Novinky.cz, iDNES.cz, sport.cz, prozeny.cz, etc.), then it is necessary to target them there with the help of our creatives.

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Bing Ads

Although it may not seem so at first glance, there are still a significant number of people searching with the Microsoft search engine. This is usually because users don't want to install Google Chrome or Mozilla, for example. At this point, it's a good idea to set up basic campaign settings so that users looking for your product don't end up with competitors products.

LinkedIN Ads

This type of promotion is very specific, as a particular group of users uses LinkedIn. A company needs to analyze whether the target group is on LinkedIn or somewhere else (TikTok; Facebook). After that, nothing stops us from setting up the first campaign in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

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Remarketing and retargeting

Certainly, you've probably experienced a situation where you visited a webpage, liked a product, and then it followed you around on Facebook and the entire internet for several days. This type of campaign is called remarketing, and if you even saw multiple products displayed to you, it was retargeting. With properly configured remarketing, you can increase your conversion rate and optimize your overall marketing expenditure. We set up remarketing both on the Google network and on Seznam as well as on Facebook.


Budování značky je nedílnou součástí marketingového mixu každého eshopu. Začíná ovšem daleko dříve, než u "reklamy v televizi". Brand budujete již při tvorbě loga, sloganu, prvního produktu, prvního popisku "O nás". Více o tom, jak posilujeme sílu značek naleznete v samostatné kategorii, kde vám přiblížíme aspekty budování značky / brandu.   

What is the process?

  • You can reach us at info@brandelevator.cz or fill out the contact form

  • We will schedule a personal meeting or a call via Google Meet

  • We will establish goals for PPC campaigns

  • Creation of PPC campaigns

  • Optimization of campaigns for the best possible performance

How much will it cost me?

  • We work on an hourly monthly budget, PPC campaigns are not a one-time deal

  • The hourly budget is entirely up to you - do you want 5 hours per month? Even with that, something can be done, but do you want to watch your competition outpace you? We can't stand that

  • Are you worried that you'll pay us an hourly rate for several months and not make any profit? Let's agree on a share of revenue in the market, it's up to you

  • Take a look at our pricing or contact us directly


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